Specialising in risk analysis and
corporate insurance.

We are an independent insurance broker, specialising in risk analysis and corporate insurance.

Our forte is studying risks, proposing solutions, designing suitable insurance portfolios, and providing advice and recommendations for organisations with turnovers between £2 million and billions.

Clients are treated as if they are our family.  We will not recommend a solution to you, unless we would buy it ourselves, if we were in your position.

COVID-19 Review

Normally an insurance review is done annually before the renewal date, but if COVID-19 has had a negative financial impact on your business, it may be worth us doing a mid-term review to establish whether your insurance portfolio should be adjusted to meet your new circumstances. If we approach an insurer with new information, they may refuse to alter a policy, but on the other hand, they may agree, and if so, that could generate a premium refund. Please let us know if you want to do a review

Risk Analysis and
Corporate Insurance

We specialise in analysing the risks of organisations with turnovers above £2 million.


We aim to provide corporate insurance buyers with complete peace of mind.

Willis Towers
Watson Networks

Being a member of Willis Towers Watson Networks gives us numerous advantages.

About Smith England Insurance Brokers

Committed to the highest standards of integrity, ethics, quality and reliability, we pride ourselves on taking an honest, industrious approach, and offering a level of service that our clients can trust totally.

Smith England - Our Approach

Our Mission
and Core Values

A business set up to act with honesty and integrity, and to provide a high-quality competitive service.

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