Risk Analysis and Risk Management

We thoroughly analyse risks, principally so that we can provide our clients with correct risk management advice, and they have the right information to make informed decisions about risks to which they are exposed.

If you can reduce your risk exposure, it will:

  • 1. Result in a safer working environment.
  • 2. Protect staff and business assets.
  • 3. Help ensure financial sustainability.
  • 4. Have a positive effect on future insurance premiums; especially when it prevents claims, and results in insurance company surveyors and loss adjusters gaining a good impression.
  • 5. Lessen the chance of you being in breach of regulations.
  • 6. Help the efficiency of your business, for example, by you:
    (a) Not spending time investigating and dealing with incidents;
    (b) Not paying for uninsured losses, fines and legal costs.
  • 7. Mean there is less chance of insurers applying onerous conditions and exclusions to your insurance policies.


In addition, the facts we obtain from our risk analysis work help us issue accurate and thorough risk submissions, which enable underwriters to understand risks, and give them the ammunition and confidence to offer attractive competitive quotations.

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