About Us

We are an independent insurance broker, specialising in risk analysis and corporate insurance.

What makes us unique?

The three main features, which differentiate us from our competitors are:

ACII (Advanced Diploma) Requirement
Before any member of staff is permitted to be a customer facing advisor, they must have fulfilled minimum standards, including qualifying as an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII). We are not aware of another insurance broker, who has this standard.

Service Levels & Systems
Our service levels and systems are geared to meeting the demands and needs of sizeable organisations – turnovers between £2 million and billions.

Our Core Values
Thorough, Industrious, Ethical & Reliable.

Other differentiators include:

Market-Leading Risk Submissions
Thorough fact finds and dedicated risk analysis enable us to issue comprehensive informative market-leading risk submissions, which help underwriters understand risks, and give them the ammunition and confidence to provide extremely attractive competitive quotations.

Policy Check System
We operate an extensive unique insurance policy checking system, in order to provide our clients with maximum protection, and so that when we send a policy to you, we can confirm that WE have THOROUGHLY checked it – this is not the usual procedure in our industry.

Insurance Summaries
The industry norm, is for a broker to have a standard insurance summary for each type of policy for numerous insurers, but insurers’ policy wordings are different, hence brokers’ staff have a difficult and time-consuming task to create an accurate insurance summary for a client. The result is often an unreliable document.  Whereas we have a standard insurance summary for each policy, for each insurer. Therefore, we have a very large library of accurate standard insurance summaries, which means we can promptly create a reliable and useful insurance summary for each client.

Our Network

Our membership of Willis Towers Watson Networks, provides us with numerous advantages.

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We are an independent insurance broker offering unbiased genuine expertise to all clients.

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We support Circus Starr, a not-for-profit organisation bringing thrills and excitement to disabled children.

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