Risk Analysis and Corporate Insurance

Confidential Audit

Has your insurance broker sent an insurance policy to you, and recommended that you check it?

We offer a confidential audit service, to let you know whether your insurance policies will perform as you expect.

If you engage us to do an audit, from over thirty years’ experience, we know that:

  • There is a 10% chance your insurance arrangements are sound, in which case, we will congratulate you, and we will recommend you continue to employ your existing insurance advisor;
  • There is a 10% chance your insurance arrangements could be improved with a few tweaks, but no major problems;
  • There is an 80% possibility of us finding major flaws, of which you are unaware.

Should your policies fall into the latter category, the issues could be threatening the future of your company, shareholders’ investments, jobs and homes. In this event, we will issue a report containing our findings for your consideration.

80% of organisations who instruct us to do an audit, are absolutely astounded by what we unearth.

Please rest assured, that if you ask us to carry out a confidential audit, there is no obligation on you to employ Smith England. We are happy to be given the opportunity to demonstrate our capability.