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We were introduced to Smith England by a client. They told me that their attention to detail was second to none. They were not wrong. We were so grateful to Nigel and the team for the service we received. We had taken advice on our corporate insurance in the past and thought we were covered, but like many businesses as we have grown and our circumstances have changed so too have our insurance requirements.

We were grateful for Nigel’s approach, of course value is always important but what we particularly liked about their service is the priority was getting the right level of cover and ensuring it was appropriate for our requirements. Working with people like Nigel and Sam at Smith England makes all the difference to a growing business like Apex Computing and having expert support and expertise on these matters is paramount.

Their attention to detail and competency really has impressed us here at Apex. I look forward to working with Smith England in the years to come and it is great to know we have the support of experienced and highly competent insurance specialists.

Apex Computing Services

We have relied on Smith England Ltd since the date of their incorporation.

Of all the professional advisors I have worked with in the last 34 years as a Finance Director, the only one I can guarantee never moving away from at any point is Smith England.

I believe that the commitment, ability and attention to detail of their team is of the highest standard and their administrative support is fantastic. I am comfortable that if anything major was to happen then we would be properly insured and any claim would be dealt with promptly and professionally.

I have recommended Smith England to other businesses previously and have always had the most positive feed-back afterwards. 

Halliwell Jones

I find Smith England to be a highly professional, competent and reliable company, a great asset and partner to my business.

Wyke Commercial Services Ltd